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Department of Management

Dr Michelle Trottier

Dr Michelle Trottier

Senior Lecturer in Management




Michelle Trottier is a Senior Lecturer in Management at the University of Exeter Business School supporting the Chartered Manager and Senior People Professional programmes. Her current reserach focusses on online communities of practice and social mobility in work transitions. Her service work includes being the 'Digital Advanced Teaching Practitioner' and contributing to wellbeing initiatives within the subdepartment.

She has worked for seven years in Human Resource Management, with a focus on workforce planning, recruitment and employee relations. She has also founded and operated a web-based recruitment company in Canada and has a strong interest in entrepreneurialism and the start-up ecosystem.

Her interests in careers management and personal development led her into Higher Education, with a focus on building employability and coaching pedagogies into teaching practices. She has worked for three years teaching employability at the undergraduate and post graduate taught level, and most recently was working in the Academic Development office at the University of Exeter, supporting academics and staff members in their teaching practice.


  • PhD in Management
  • Master of Education
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resource Management
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


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Research interests

  • Employment transitions and careers development
  • Social mobility and inclusivity
  • Communities of practice

Research projects

The interplay of relational and individual agency on the employability of students from low socio-economic background.

The impact of apprenticeship programmes on organisational diversity, inclusion and sense of belonging; experiences of individuals from backgrounds that are underrepresented in leadership positions.

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Journal articles

Trottier M (2021). Participation in career development communities of practice: Perspectives from low socio-economic background students. European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology InPractice, 15(2), 135-155.


Trottier M (2021). The formation of perceived employability: perceptions from low socio-economic background students. International Labour Process Conference. 12th - 14th Apr 2021.
Trottier M (2020). Can communities of practice enhance student’s perceived employability and agency prior to work transitions?. European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, Young People’s Work, Employment and Careers, Small Group Meeting. 2nd - 3rd Jun 2020.
Trottier M (2020). The interaction of communities of practice on perceived employability. British Academy of Management, Conference in the Cloud. 2nd - 4th Sep 2020.

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