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Department of Management

Dr Naheed Bashir

Dr Naheed Bashir

Lecturer in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

 Streatham Court 88


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Naheed has joined the University of Exeter Business School in December, 2022. Prior to joining University of Exeter, she has been a Postdoctoral visiting researcher in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Lancaster University of Management School (LUMS), Lancaster University.

Naheed has earned a PhD from the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) of Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester. 

Her current research explores potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to transform sectors in Pakistan, including healthcare, education, finance, agriculture, and security systems. Digital technologies in a variety of innovative firms across phases of the NPD, digital platforms for OI and required firm’s capabilities, digital entrepreneurship focusing women in developing countries, and potential of digital platforms for start-ups and SMEs. 


PhD, The University of Manchester

MSc, University of Strathclyde

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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Research interests

  • New Product Development
  • Digital Innovation 
  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Business Models
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge Management

Research projects

  • The Future of AI in Pakistan: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Framework
  • Digital Leadership in Open Innovation
  • Digital Platforms “Unleashing the Potential for Start-UPs/SMEs”
  • Leveraging Digitalization to cope with COVID-19 “A case Study of Pakistani Women Entrepreneurship”


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Journal articles

Bashir N (2024). Knowledge identification for open innovation: a case study of biotechnology firms. Business Process Management Journal Abstract.
Bashir N (2023). Exploring the Role of Potential Knowledge Sources for the Fuzzy-Frond end of the New Product Development (NPD)---Bridging the Knowledge Gaps. Business Process Management Journal Abstract.
Bashir N, Malik K (2021). Developing firm capabilities to utilise social media for the fuzzy front end of innovation. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 35(6), 721-736. Abstract.
Bashir N, Papamichail KN, Malik K (2017). Use of Social Media Applications for Supporting New Product Development Processes in Multinational Corporations. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 120, 176-183. Abstract.


Bashir N (2023). Digital Platforms for Open Innovation: an Outlook from Technology Firms. ISPIM Innovation Conference, Innovation and Circular Economy, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 4th - 7th Jun 2023. Abstract.
Bashir N (2023). Exploring the Role of Social Media in Product Design: a Case Study of High-Tech Industry. 7th International Conference of Marketing, Strategy & Policy 2023 (MSP2023), 19th June—23rd June 2023, Newcastle University, UK. 19th Jun - 23rd Aug 2023. Abstract.
Bashir N, R. Alsaeed G (2023). Leveraging Social media: Perspective from Pakistani Women Entrepreneurship. 18th Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge (ACIEK) Innovation Conference---Knowledge and Digitalization: Building Trust to Face Today’s Challenges, Madrid, Spain. 21st - 23rd Jun 2023. Abstract.
Ahmad Bodla A, Bashir N (2023). When in Rome, do as the Romans Do: How does Cultural Tightness (host/home) Influences International Entrepreneurs’ Opportunity Recognition. Academy of International Business, Warsaw, Poland, July 5th ---July 9th, 2023. 5th - 9th Jul 2023. Abstract.
Bashir N (2022). Assessing the Impact of Digital Platforms on the Firm, Managers and Teams involved in the Open innovation process. R&D Management Conference, Trento, Italy. 9th - 13th Jul 2022. Abstract.
Bashir N, Bodla AA (2022). Dynamic Capabilities Perspective of Knowledge Search/Identification for Open Innovation Processes in High-Tech Firms. 36th British Academy of Management Conference, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK. 31st Aug - 2nd Sep 2022. Abstract.
Bashir N (2021). Transferring Knowledge for Product Innovation; Analysis of Firm’s Capabilities. ISPIM Connects Valencia--Reconnect, Rediscover, Reimagine, Valencia, Spain. 29th Nov - 2nd Dec 2021. Abstract.
Bashir N (2018). External Knowledge sources and fuzzy frond phases (FFE) of NPD. ISPIM Innovation Forum: the Innovation Game: Base Hits, Not Home Runs, Boston, USA. 25th - 28th Mar 2018. Abstract.
Bashir N (2016). Bringing Innovation in new product development (NPD) by leveraging external sources: Opportunity or Hype. the International Business Conference part of Management and Business Academy: Brunel University London, UK. 16th - 18th Dec 2016. Abstract.
Bashir N, Malik K, Papamichail N (2016). Can social media act as a significant knowledge source for product innovation in FMCG firms. 1st International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and Management (STIPM), Karachi, Pakistan. 16th - 17th Nov 2016. Abstract.
Bashir N, Papamichail N (2016). Collaboration with External Sources in NPD: an Empirical Evidence from FMCG Industry. ISPIM Innovation Summit: Moving the Innovation Horizon - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 4th - 7th Dec 2016. Abstract.
Bashir N, Papamichail N (2016). Exploring the Role of Social Network Sites in New Product Development: an Empirical Study of MNCs. Annual International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE 2016).
Bashir N, Papamichail N (2016). Impact of Social Media applications on NPD process: an Exploratory Study. Research and Development (R&D) Management Conference. 3rd - 6th Jul 2016. Abstract.

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External Engagement and Impact

Awards and Honours

  • Honorary Visiting Researcher at Lancaster School of Management, Lancaster University

External positions

  • Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher, Lancaster School of Management 2021-2023

Membership of Research Council committees

  • Higher Education Academy UK (Associate Fellow Registration No: PR131769), Since June 2017.
  • Member Since January 2019---Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge (AIEK)
  • Member Since 2016--ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Management
  • Member Since 2016--Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF),
  • Member Since July 2016--Academy of Marketing science (AMS)
  • Member Since February 2015--British Academy of Management (BAM)
  • Member Since March 2015--Research and Development Management Association (RADMA)
  • Member Since October, 2014--Academy of Management (AOM)
  • Member Since September 2014---European Conference on Knowledge Management Committee (ECKM)

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I use a variety of teaching methods to cater the needs of students. I apply an online, hybrid/blended model, experiential learning, encourage group discussions, engage student-centered discussions, and cases analysis. I specifically focus on project-based, inquiry- based and problem-based learning. Besides, talk/discussion with industry specialists are also additions.

My teachings (undergraduate, graduate, executive) are research informed. I actively integrate research findings and update the teaching contents.

I also consult with a range of teaching resources mainly include the case studies, current researchers on the subject, cases and examples of digital innovation in industry  (e.g. innovative firms), recent developments in digital Innovation, and get hands on experience with problem-based learning (from Industry). 

In particular, I encourage my students to become active learners by working on their own start-ups or entrepreneurial projects. 




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