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Department of Management

 Marta Ferri

Marta Ferri

Business Research & Impact Associate



Marta joined the University in April 2024, her research focuses on single-use plastics, business, and circular economy solutions to tackle the plastic crisis. She is completing her PhD in Management at Lancaster University and is a member of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business. Her research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. She has experience in ethnographic fieldwork, and her work draws upon Science and Technology Studies.

Marta has professional experience as a project manager and researcher at Zero Waste Italy. She also worked as the Project Administrator and Research Assistant for the Plastic Packaging in People’s Lives project at Lancaster University.


MA Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, MA in African Studies, PhD in Management (in progress)


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Research interests

  • Environmental Sustainability and Management Responses
  • Circular Economy
  • Organisational Change
  • Science and Technology Studies

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Cronin J, Piacentini M, Skandalis A, Hardy J, Stowell A, Hadley C, Verma S, Hendry L, Saltalippi M (2022). The Little Book of Plastics in Everyday Life., Imagination Lancaster, NERC Discipline Hopping.


Ferri M (2024). Morality and Discipline of single-use plastics. In  (Ed) Waste from the Social Sciences and Humanities: Reopening the Bin, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (under review, third review).
Ferri M, Stowell A, Whiteman G (2023). Plastic futures: Mobilising circular economy contexts to address the plastic crisis. In  (Ed) Handbook of the Circular Economy: Transitions and Transformation, 307-331. Abstract.
Ferri M (2015). La rete regionale Rifiuti Zero Sicilia.: L'agency attivista nello spazio agito di una società in movimento. In Meschiari M, Montes S (Eds.) Spaction. New paradigms in space-action multidisciplinary research, Aracne Editore, 201-212.
Ferri M (2014). Chapati & Chips: Esercizi di pensiero cosmopolita fra gli studenti di Nairobi. In Franceschi Z, Peveri V (Eds.) Pop Food: Ethnographic dining, I Libri di Emil, 109-134.


Ferri M (2019). UK Universities and the Circular Economy.
Ferri M (2016). Final Report: Zero Waste Italy and Friends of Nature Twinning Exchange., China-Program of the Stiftung Asienhaus.

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  • Management
  • Sustainability and management responses
  • Organisational studies
  • Ethnography

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