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Department of Management

Dr Krishna Mohan Thazhathu Valiyaveettil

Dr Krishna Mohan Thazhathu Valiyaveettil

 Building:One CSAM Centre office


Building:One,  University of Exeter, Rennes Drive,  Exeter,  EX4 4ST, UK


Krishna Mohan joined the University of Exeter Business School as Full Time Postdoctoral Research Fellow in February 2022. He works for the Research in Theme 4 of the UKRI Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Technology Metals (Met4Tech CE). His research interests are primarily in recycling and circular economy.

His education was in India. He obtained his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering and Management) from National Institute of Technology Calicut, and B. Tech. in Production Engineering from the University of Calicut. His PhD thesis focuses on closed-loop supply chains particularly on the dynamics of end-of-life vehicle recycling in unregulated markets.

Before joining Exeter, he worked as an Assistant Professor in the Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques Department at the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya for over two years. He taught subjects such as Revenue Management, System Dynamics, Business Statistics and Operations Research to graduate students. Before his PhD, he has worked as an Adhoc Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut.


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Research interests

  • Sustainable Operations Management 
  • System Dynamics and Agent-Based Simulation Modelling  
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Ecosystem

 Krishna Mohan’s PhD thesis focuses on the dynamics of End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) recycling in unregulated markets. His research provides policy implications for the development of environmentally sound ELV recycling systems. His current research focuses on the dynamics of the Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) ecosystem. The research focuses on the impact of technological developments in LIB chemistry on the LIB performance and circular economy for LIB.

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Journal articles

Bhanu P, Krishna Mohan TV, Amit RK, Shankar V (2022). Factors affecting the market dynamics of lithium-ion battery for electric mobility: a system dynamics perspective. Journal of Simulation, 18(3), 428-445.
Krishna Mohan TV, Amit RK (2021). Modeling oligopsony market for end-of-life vehicle recycling. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 25, 325-346.
Mohan TVK, Amit RK (2018). Dismantlers’ dilemma in end-of-life vehicle recycling markets: a system dynamics model. Annals of Operations Research, 290(1-2), 591-619.


Mohan Tv K, Sundaram M (2023). Case Studies of Implementation Approach to Assessing and Evaluating Digitalization Readiness. In  (Ed) Advances in Digital Manufacturing Systems, Technologies, Business Models, and Adoption, Springer.


Pratap B, V KMT, Amit RK, Venugopal S (2023). Analyzing the Impact of Lithium-Ion Battery Recovery Strategy on e-Mobility Revolution. 2023 IEEE International Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC-India). 12th - 15th Dec 2023.
T V KM, Pratap B, Amit RK, Venugopal S (2021). A Road Map to Sustainable Mobility: Analyzing the Dynamics of Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling. 2021 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC-India). 16th - 19th Dec 2021.
Pratap B, Krishna Mohan TV, Amit RK, Venugopal S (2019). Visualizing the complex demand and supply dynamics of critical battery materials—a key enabler for realizing the Electric Mobility Vision 2030. 2019 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC-India). 17th - 19th Dec 2019.
Mohan Tv K, V M (2013). Detailed Dynamic Layout Planning: an Adaptive Layout Approach. 7th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control.

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Krishna Mohan is interested in teaching System Dynamics, Revenue Management, Operations Management and Operations research. He likes to provide a blend mode of lectures, class activities, case analysis and discussion and group projects. He also tries to mix theory with the latest managerial applications for each subject.

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