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Department of Management

Professor Justin Tumlinson

Professor Justin Tumlinson

Associate Professor in Business Analytics and Director of the Research Method Centre


 Streatham Court 73


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


In addition to his primary role as academic researcher and teacher, Tumlinson is also Founder and Managing Partner of a small firm, ZIVIS LLC, engaged primarily in the advisement of so-called angel investors and management of non-traditional investment assets.  Prior to founding ZIVIS, he analysed deals and managed portfolio firms for Earlybird, a Munich based, early-stage, venture capital firm.  He has also served as Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University, Research Fellow of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich, Visiting Professor at EM Lyon Grand Ecole and in a variety of positions at Intel where he researched advanced networking technologies, advised capital equipment decisions, global manufacturing operations and Intel Capital’s investment strategy. 


 PhD (UC-Berkeley), MS (UC-Berkeley), MSE (UC-Berkeley), BSE (Northern Arizona U.)


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Research interests

Justin studies the information economics of teams, how they form and when they do not, the incentives of team members and loners, as well as teamwork's impact on public and private welfare. This study often extends to the unique behaviour of entrepreneurs as individuals and shareholders operating as groups. Although primarily an applied game-theorist, he also examines questions empirically.  More broadly, Tumlinson enjoys applying formal analytics to controversial topics typically associated with softer debate.

Research projects

PhD Students:

Yihui Cao (in progress, Loughborough University)
Topic: Economics of Education

Andi Widianto (in progress; Loughborough University)
Topic: Societal Impacts of Privatization
Placement: Bank of Indonesia                       

Dr. Lena Langosch (2020; Loughborough University)
Topic: Culture’s Role in Business Partnerships
Placement: Lecturer, University of Greenwich          

Tumlinson supervises PhD students with strong quantitative skills in a wide range of substantive topics

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Journal articles

Tumlinson J (In Press). Linguistic distance to English impedes research performance. Research Policy, 53
Langosch M, Tumlinson J (2022). Does Experience Improve Acquisition Performance? It’s Complicated, and That is When It Helps Most. Academy of Management Discoveries, 8(3), 414-440.
Morgan J, Tumlinson J, Várdy F (2022). The limits of meritocracy. Journal of Economic Theory, 201, 105414-105414.
Hegde D, Tumlinson J (2020). Information frictions and entrepreneurship. Strategic Management Journal, 42(3), 491-528. Abstract.
Morgan J, Tumlinson J (2019). Corporate Provision of Public Goods. Management Science, 65(10), 4489-4504. Abstract.
Triebs TP, Tumlinson J (2019). Learning to forecast business conditions - Evidence from German reunification. CESifo DICE Report, 17(3), 28-29.
Tumlinson J, Hegde D (2016). Does social proximity enhance business relationships?. CESifo DICE Report, 14(3), 36-42.
Hegde D, Tumlinson J (2014). Does social proximity enhance business partnerships? theory and evidence from ethnicity's role in U.S. venture capital. Management Science, 60(9), 2355-2380. Abstract.
Blankenship V, Tumlinson J, Sims MA (1995). A STELLA-II teaching simulation of the dynamics of action model. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 27(2), 244-250. Abstract.
Blankenship V, Schorie SS, Shaw AJ, Tumlinson J (1994). Teaching the Rescorla-Wagner model using STELLA-II. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 26(2), 128-133. Abstract.

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External Engagement and Impact

  • Founder and Managing Partner, ZIVIS LLC,
  • Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Awards and Honours

  • German Chancellor’s Scholar  
  • Fulbright Fellow
  • Bosch Future Leaders of America Fellow
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

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