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Department of Management

Dr Jingqi Qiu

Dr Jingqi Qiu

Lecturer/Associate Professor in Management




Jingqi Qiu join in University of Exeter Business School in 2021. With the passion of teaching in higher education, she is committed to start the education career.

Graduated from University of Sussex, Jingqi has been working on her PhD investigating the role of social media usage in internal and external marketing. The research passions lie on the interplay between frontline employee and technology in delivering value to customers.

Delivering high-quality learning experience for undergraduate and graduate students, Jingqi has made contributions by connecting academic insights with the real-life practices, establishing students’ problem-solving capabilities in marketing practices. 

Nationality: Chinese




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Research interests

  • Technology Usage Marketplace
  • Online & Physical Value Co-Creation 
  • Social Capital

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My teaching philosophy is driven by the passion to encourage students to connect the theory with the real-life practices, and to challenge the existing views with critical thinking. To achieve these objectives, I integrate three principles in my teaching. First, I keep combing cutting-edge knowledge from academic research with the opinions from real-life practices. Second, I strongly embrace the belief of value cocreation. Following the Service-Dominant Logic, teaching-learning interactions cannot create value without both parties’ active participation and contribution. Third, I make attempt to push students to challenge the status quo of existing understandings to achieve deeper insights along multiple dimensions and levels.

Currently, my teaching interests focus on:

  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Digital Marketing



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