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Department of Management

Dr Himadree Phookan

Dr Himadree Phookan

Lecturer in International Business


 Streatham Court 1.62


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Himadree joined the University of Exeter in March 2022. She received her PhD in International Business from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, where she taught as well. She holds an MSc in International HRM from Royal Holloway-University of London.

Prior to joining the university Himadree worked as a Policy Advisor and Research Analyst with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Govt. of New Zealand. Previously, she worked for the World Bank as a researcher in the field of public procurement. Earlier positions held by Himadree involved roles in teaching, sales & marketing, business development, recruitment and selection across various sectors.

Himadree’s primary area of research is cross-border knowledge transfer/management in multinational enterprises. The title of her PhD thesis is “Interpersonal cross border knowledge transfer within the multinational enterprise: Subsidiary power, intra-MNE competition and cultural intelligence”.


PhD, MSc, PGDBM, BA(Hons)


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Research interests

  • Knowledge transfer/management
  • Micro-foundations of knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge Governance
  • International Human Resource Management   
  • Cross-cultural studies
  • Social Identity
  • HQ-Subsidiary relationship
  • Subsidiary Power
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Global R&D teams/networks
  • Emerging economies

Research projects

Currently Himadree is working on publishing papers from her PhD thesis

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Journal articles

Sharma RR, Phookan H (2022). Interpersonal knowledge transfer within the multinational enterprise: incorporating identity based quasi-formal knowledge governance mechanisms. CROSS CULTURAL & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, 29(2), 448-468.  Author URL.
Phookan H, Sharma RR (2021). Subsidiary power, cultural intelligence and interpersonal knowledge transfer between subsidiaries within the multinational enterprise. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, 27(4).  Author URL.

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BEMM464-Strategic and HR Analytics

BEMM490Z-International Business and Globalisation

BEMM491Z-Cross-Cultural Management



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