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Department of Management

Dr Gokcen Yilmaz

Dr Gokcen Yilmaz

Lecturer in Design and Innovation



Dr Gokcen Yilmaz is a Lecturer in Design and Innovation at the Initiative in the Digital Economy (INDEX), the University of Exeter. Her research largely focuses on information systems, software engineering, and digital transformation with ongoing focus on Industry 4.0 technology adoption and operations management. Gokcen works on several collaborative projects, both nationally and internationally, with various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, transport, healthcare and agriculture. She has significant experience in the design and development of digital technologies/solutions and digital transformation assessment models.

Gokcen is a Co-Investigator on a £3.7m EPSRC-funded Next Stage Digital Economy Research Centre DIGITLab that collaborates with 30+ large-scale industry partners to identify successful patterns of scaled digital technology adoptions for large-scale companies. She also has ongoing projects that focus on digital transformation of the construction industry and assessing the BIM capabilities of infrastructure authorities.

Gokcen previously worked as a Research Associate in Low-Cost Automation Systems at the Institute for Manufacturing, the University of Cambridge and Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department at Pamukkale University, Türkiye. She received her PhD in Information Systems from Middle East Technical University (METU) and was awarded the “Best Thesis in the Information Systems” by the Parlar Education and Research Foundation, one of the prestigious scientific bodies in Türkiye. She has significant experience in supervising research projects and mentoring students across undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD levels.

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Research interests

  • Information systems
  • Software engineering
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital innovation
  • Systems engineering
  • Technology adoption
  • Operations management
  • Industry 4.0

Dr Gokcen Yilmaz’s research focuses on developing reliable and scalable information systems and their integration to enable seamless data/information exchange using software engineering best practices; and creating innovative digital transformation approaches for process optimisation. She performs application-oriented research and works in collaboration with industrial partners from various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, transport, healthcare and agriculture.

Gokcen led the Digital Construction on a Shoestring research project at the University of Cambridge where she interacted with 70+ on-site and off-site small and medium-sized construction companies to identify their digitalisation priorities, develop and deploy low-cost digital solutions for job tracking, quality management and issue tracking, and inventory tracking. She also has experience in developing cyber-physical systems that enables closed-loop decision-making in different sectors, with a recent international collaboration focussing on operation and maintenance of the built environment. Gokcen has significant experience in assessing the digital transformation, technology capability and maturity, and sustainability of processes and organisations in multiple sectors. She has worked with construction companies, infrastructure authorities, municipalities and local authorities in different countries to assess their digital capability/maturity and develop roadmaps for digital transformations and data-driven decision making.

Organisations or prospective PhD students interested in any of the above research areas are encouraged to send an email to

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Journal articles

Yilmaz G (In Press). Digital Solutions to Support Post-disaster Response and Recovery based on the Findings from Ground Zero after the 6th February 2023 Kahramanmaraş Earthquake Series. Erciyes Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Dergisi
Yilmaz G, Liz S, Duncan M, Benjamin S (In Press). Low-cost (Shoestring) Digital Solution Areas for Enabling Digitalisation in Construction SMEs. Computers in Industry Abstract.
Abdel-Aty TA, Mcfarlane D, Brooks S, Salter L, Abubakar AS, Evans S, Hawkridge G, Thomas KP, Negri E, Mukherjee A, et al (2024). The Role of Low-Cost Digital Solutions in Supporting Industrial Sustainability. SUSTAINABILITY, 16(3).  Author URL.
Yilmaz G, Akcamete A, Demirors O (2023). BIM-CAREM: Assessing the BIM capabilities of design, construction and facilities management processes in the construction industry. Computers in Industry, 147 Abstract.
Um J, Park JM, Park SY, Yilmaz G (2023). Low-cost mobile augmented reality service for building information modeling. Automation in Construction, 146 Abstract.
Yilmaz G, Akcamete A, Demirors O (2019). A reference model for BIM capability assessments. AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION, 101, 245-263.  Author URL.


Yilmaz G, Qurban K, Kaiser J, McFarlane DC (2023). Cost-Effective Digital Transformation of SMEs through Low-cost Digital Solutions. Abstract.
Moretti N, Mukherjee A, Chan YC, Yilmaz G, Merino J, Sasidharan M, Rosun Z, Carr C, McFarlane D, Parlikad AK, et al (2023). Low-cost Digitalisation Opportunities in Healthcare: a Histopathology Department Case Study. Abstract.
Macias-Aguayo J, Yilmaz G, Mukherjee A, McFarlane D (2023). The Role of Low-Cost Digitalisation in Improving Operations Management. Abstract.
Kaiser J, Hawkridge G, Yilmaz G, McFarlane D (2022). A Low-cost Integration Approach for Distributed Manufacturing Information Systems. Abstract.
Kaiser J, Ling Z, Yilmaz G, McFarlane D, Hawkridge G (2022). Configurable Solutions for Low-Cost Digital Manufacturing: a Building Block Approach. Abstract.
Yilmaz G, Mukherjee A, Aguayo JM, McFarlane D (2022). Impact Assessment Model for Low Cost (Shoestring) Digitalisation in Small Construction Organizations. Abstract.
Yilmaz G, Akcamete A, Demirors O (2018). Adapting SPICE for development of a reference model for building information modeling - BIM-CAREM. Abstract.
Masood T, Yilmaz G, Mcfarlane DC, Parlikad AK, Harwood K, Dunn R (2016). Information future-proofing assessment for infrastructure assets. Abstract.
Yilmaz G, Güngör AA, Demirörs O (2016). Insaat Sektöründe kullanilan Bilgi ve Iletisim Teknolojileri. Abstract.
Yilmaz G, Masood T, McFarlane DC (2015). Identifying and validating hazards in support of information futureproofing - Case study of a building. Abstract.
Woodall P, Yilmaz G, Giannikas V, Lu W, McFarlane D (2015). New directions for warehousing data management research: Extensions to an existing review: Special session on 'Emerging technologies in logistics'. Abstract.
Ertugrul AM, Yilmaz G, Salmanoglu M, Demirors O (2014). The effect of highlighting error categories in FSM training on the accuracy of measurement. Abstract.
Yilmaz G, Tunalilar S, Demirörs O (2013). R-COVER: Yazilim büyüklük ölçümü hata tespit araci.
Yilmaz G, Tunalilar S, Demirors O (2013). Towards the Development of a Defect Detection Tool for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement.  Author URL.
Rashid MA, Riaz Z, Sayin E, Qureshi HA, Yilmaz G, Shami M-U-D, Ping H-P (2011). Strategic e-Commerce Model Driven-Architecture for e-Learning: TQM & e-ERP Perspective.  Author URL.

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External Engagement and Impact

Awards and Honours

  • Best PhD Thesis in Information Systems by Prof Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation in Türkiye
  • Full Scholarship for BSc Education from The Council of Higher Education in Türkiye

External positions

  • Guest Editor, Smart Cities, Special Issue: Urban Smart Cities, MDPI, 2022
  • Digital transformation consultant by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) to develop digital transformation roadmaps for guiding SMEs.

Invited lectures

  • “Digital Transformation in Construction Industry” Kyung Hee University, South Korea, 2021
  • Digital Construction on a Shoestring, UK Construction Week, London, UK, 2022

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