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Department of Management

Professor Bach Nguyen

Professor Bach Nguyen

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and SME Management

 Streatham Court 1.69


Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK


Bach Nguyen (PhD, FHEA, FRSA) is an Associate Professor (Reader) in Entrepreneurship and SME Management at the University of Exeter, UK. He is also the Director of Research in the Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Department.

His main research interest is understanding the economics and management of new ventures and small businesses, as well as the impacts of regional institutions on firm performance.

His current research projects focus on emerging topics, including SME green practices, digitalisation, and pivots following Covid and the inflation crises. He also is interested in understanding entrepreneurs' well-being and mental health.

Before joining academia, he worked as a professional data analyst in the financial industry for several years.


Ph.D. Aston University, UK, 2018 (Full scholarship from Dean of Aston Business School)

M.Sc. Dundee University, UK, 2012 (Distinction, Best Student Award)

B.A. Jinan University, China, 2008 (Distinction, Best Student Award)


GW4, United Kingdom: GBP £4,220 (2023).

Regional Studies Association, United Kingdom: GBP £3,900 (2021-2022).

National Foundation for Science and Technology Development Vietnam: USD $70,000 (2020-2022).

Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University – United International College Research Grant: RMB ¥20,000 (2018-2019).

National Foundation for Science and Technology Development Vietnam USD $60,000 (2018-2021).

Aston Research and Knowledge Exchange Pump Priming Fund GBP £11,418 (2022-2023).



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Research interests

Bach Nguyen currently works on several research projects on the following themes:

  • National institutions, sub-national institutions, and local governance quality and their influence on small businesses;
  • Entrepreneurs' well-being and gender-related issues in entrepreneurship
  • Emerging strategies of small businesses, such as digitalisation, green practises and crisis management

If you want to do a PhD with me, please send me your research proposal along with your CV.

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Journal articles

Nguyen B (In Press). Is Corruption Control Good for all Businesses? the Role of Cash in the Bribery Game. International Review of Entrepreneurship
Nguyen B (In Press). Local Government and Small Business Revenue Forecasting: Evidence from a Transition Economy. Industrial and Corporate Change
Nguyen B, Tran H-A (2024). Childhood trauma and entrepreneurs’ individual entrepreneurial orientation. Journal of Small Business Management, 1-51.
Nguyen B, Vu N (2024). Does intrinsic motivation or extrinsic pressure matter more? an exploratory study of small businesses going green and innovation. Business Strategy and the Environment Abstract.
Yang H-PS, Chan TKH, Tran H-A, Nguyen B, Lin H (2024). See it, share it: what makes social media content viral in the higher education context? the power of positive affective content. Information Technology & People Abstract.
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Nguyen CP, Thanh SD, Nguyen B (2022). Economic uncertainty and tourism consumption. Tourism Economics, 28(4), 920-941. Abstract.
Nguyen B, Do H, Le C (2022). How much state ownership do hybrid firms need for better performance?. Small Business Economics, 59(3), 845-871. Abstract.
Nguyen B (2022). Internal migration and earnings: Do migrant entrepreneurs and migrant employees differ?. Papers in Regional Science, 101(4), 901-944. Abstract.
Nguyen B (2022). Networking in Weak Institutions: When is it Good for Small Business Investment? the Case of Vietnam. Management and Organization Review, 18(3), 583-620. Abstract.
Nguyen B (2022). Small business investment: the importance of financing strategies and social networks. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 27(3), 2849-2872. Abstract.
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Nguyen B, Mickiewicz T, Du J (2017). Local governance and business performance in Vietnam: the transaction costs’ perspective. Regional Studies, 52(4), 542-557.


Nguyen B, Vu N, Hong VNT (2021). Achievements, challenges, and new directions of family business in Vietnam. In  (Ed) The Routledge Companion to Asian Family Business: Governance, Succession, and Challenges in the Age of Digital Disruption, 407-424.
Du J, Nguyen B (2018). The Chinese style management buyouts. In  (Ed) The Routledge Companion to Management Buyouts, 212-223. Abstract.

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External Engagement and Impact

External positions

Research Fellow, Centre for Business Prosperity, Aston University, UK

Visiting Research Fellow, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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