With Industrial Experience - frequently asked questions

Some common questions are listed below, if you have a question about the Industrial Experience programme that isn't answered here, please get in touch with the Careers Team: business-school-careers@exeter.ac.uk.

Students follow a comprehensive careers management programme and are supported in their work placement search by the Business School’s Employability Advisers and Programme Director. Ultimate responsibility for sourcing and securing the work placement rests with the student.

In 2018/19 and 2019/20, over 70% of Year 2 students secured a placement. It is a competitive process in an ever-changing labour market, however we adapt our support depending on recruitment trends, to make sure students have the skills they need to succeed.

This will vary depending on your placement provider and location. Salaries typically range from £19,000 - £23,000 but can be as high as £43,000 or as low as £12,500.

Placements usually last for 12 months although this can be flexible subject to a minimum placement length requirement of 33 weeks excluding holidays. It may be possible to extend the placement period, depending on the final year start dates.

Four years with you third year out on placement.

  • Entry tariff is the same as the corresponding 3 year programmes.
  • A minimum 1st year average grade of 50% of your taught and assessed modules.
  • Successful completion of the With Industrial Experience taught modules.

Yes you would be registered as a student and eligible for the usual student discounts, exceptions and support whilst out on placement for example:

  • Council Tax
  • Student Fees and Finances
  • Oyster Cards
  • NUS
  • Guild Services
  • Uni Card

As part of the With Industrial Experience programme, there are two non-credit bearing modules you must complete. These modules prepare you for the placement search and recruitment process including CVs, interviews, LinkedIn and assessment centres. These sessions are compulsory and will appear on your timetable.

Currently students are charged 15% of their tuition fee for undertaking a full year work placement as part of their programme. However this fee is subject to annual review. Fees cover module assessment and support from your personal and academic tutor, employability advisers, IT services and other student support services. For further information visit: www.exeter.ac.uk/students/finance/studentfees/

You can complete your placement in the UK or anywhere in the world. Placements abroad will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking a thorough risk assessment into account.

You simply revert to a standard three year degree.

The placement year assessment currently comprises of:

  • Progress Reports provided by employers
  • A Reflective Essay
  • A Business Report

You will be allocated an academic tutor to support you during your placement year.

Students who graduate with With Industrial Experience tend to have better outcomes than students on standard 3-year degree programmes. According to Graduate Outcomes data 2018/19 (HESA, Guardian GDS), 98% of WIE students had a positive graduate destination score compared to 90.7% across the Business School in general.

The With Industrial Experience programme is open to all Business School students, with a cut-off date for signing up in Autumn Term of the 1st year. In 2021/22 we have 219 students on placement.