As an SME, the concept of the circular economy can feel a little overwhelming at first but the more we started to understand it, the more we realised what a crucial part of our future growth and success it was going to be. Once we really started to embrace circularity as a key driver for our long-term product strategy, we started to see our smaller size as a real advantage. In recent years we have been far more pioneering and made much more progress than we thought possible, and this is largely due to our agility, ability to react quickly and our close relationships with our small supply base.

Merryn Chilcott, Sustainability & Technical Manager, BAM Bamboo Clothing

The whole program was thought provoking from start to finish- I had a new realisation every week! It is so important to understand that we are in it together to make this transformation and there is so much willingness to make it right. The course was composed of high quality and well summarised content on a great, intuitive online platform.

Urszula Piotrowska, Project Manager, Novo Nordisk

Circular Economy Implementation for Smaller Businesses

The programme

This online course has been developed for small to medium sized businesses and their partners who are keen to work towards Circular Economy (CE) opportunities. The course adopts a collaborative and networked approach to learning and provides an opportunity for close cooperation between participants and some of the world's circular economy pioneers in business and design.

You will be able to create value and gain a competitive advantage in the market by:

  • Identifying opportunities for CE value creation
  • Assessing the barriers and challenges to capture CE value
  • Determining how to build the CE business case
  • Defining key performance metrics to measure success
  • Creating road maps for scaling 
  • Building an action plan to take forward your ideas post-course completion

The course takes place over an 4 week period which can be managed flexibly around your other commitments. The cost is 1250.00 GBP per delegate. 

If you would like to register your interest for the next cohort please drop us an email specifying the "Circular Economy Implementation for Smaller Businesses" programme at

The Circular Economy envisages a future where products, components and materials are maintained at their highest value for a long time. Guided by some simple principles and building blocks, many businesses can use CE thinking and strategy to successfully grow their business and secure their immediate and long-term business future.

Having successfully delivered CE-implementation professional training to over 2,000 practitioners over the past 7 years, the University of Exeter team has designed a new global course specifically for SMEs and their partners including customers, local and regional agencies and authorities and service providers. Our focus is on understanding challenges and opportunities and creating a peer-to-peer learning environment to support the CE implementation journey.

Each cohort of the Masterclass is given access to an interactive platform to encourage collaboration and discussion with fellow participants through shared insights. This course delivers a practical approach, which is in depth, collaborative, and focusses on the implementation of Circular Economy principles into the business environment.

We work with businesses across all sectors to develop the required combination of skills and capabilities, using tested tools and techniques, to implement circular innovation at all levels of business, society, and our surrounding environment.

To register, or for further information, contact the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy team on