Inspiring leadership with finite resources - Exeter Leaders Forum 8th June

Our latest event was held at our new and beautiful venue, Reed Hall and hosted by Professors Will Harvey and Ruth Sealy.

We were joined by Emmie Kell, CEO of Cornwall Museums Partnership and David Lockwood, Co-Founder of the Bike Shed Theatre who explored the theme of inspiring leadership with finite resources. 

Both Emmie and David’s significant experience in the culture sector helped to guide the evening and members were posed questions for roundtable discussions. 

Questions included:

  • How do you look after yourself?
  • What is a healthy dose of cynicism and what is destructive?
  • What are the attributes of a high performing board?
  • How should charities/non-profits recruit their boards?

Supper was served during discussions before guests gathered together for a dynamic feedback session with the speakers and hosts.

The Exeter Leaders Forum is hosted by the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter Business School. It is aimed at leaders and aspiring leaders in the South West and provides an invaluable means of staying up to date in leadership trends, exchanging knowledge and developing ideas through peers and leading academics.

Photo gallery

Photographer: Will Dolphin

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