Global Policy Challenges – Interactive Event

For our February 8th event we welcomed five Business School academics from the Business, Institutions and Policy research cluster, each delivered a mini-presentation to the forum, hosted by Professor Will Harvey. 

Professor Miguel Fonseca - Associate Professor of Economics, current research interests include tacit and explicit collusion; social identity and its effect on public good provision and bargaining
Professor Will Harvey - Associate Professor of Management Studies, Director of Research in Organisation Studies, Director of 'Business, Institutions and Policy' research cluster
Dr Gregory Morris - Lecturer in Accounting and Taxation, Gregory’s research interests are multidisciplinary and focus on taxation, law, organisational form, business ethics and human rights. Currently a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.
Dr Sarah Hartley - Senior Lecturer in Management, an interdisciplinary social scientist working closely with natural scientists, engineers, regulators and policy-makers 
Professor Christos Kotsogiannis - Professor of Economics at the University of Exeter, Co-Director of the Tax Adminitstration Research Centre and a Research Fellow at CESifo, Germany

Following each presentation they posed a business question which was discussed in groups, led by the academics during supper.

  • How best to use financial incentives to change behaviour?
  • When an organisation already has an established reputation, how can it change?
  • What are the most pressing tax issues for businesses in 2017 and beyond?
  • How can organisations innovate responsibly?
  • What advice to give to a new Board member of a high-profile institution? 

Photographer: Will Dolphin

The event proved exceptionally popular and a lively feedback session was enjoyed by all.

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