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Black History Month

We are keen to promote a positive peer-learning environment where staff and students can develop together and learn from one another.

In meeting our Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality (DICE) commitments, we see Black History Month as the perfect opportunity to create a series of events and space that will better enable our community of students and staff to discuss and address important issues such as Racism and Curriculum Diversification.

All students and staff were encouraged to attend this year’s Black History Month activities, curated by Oli Young, Senior Lecturer as the University of Exeter Business School, which started with social commentator and Windrush campaigner Dr Patrick Vernon OBE and his talk 'The Making of 100 Great Black Britons'.

The University of Exeter Business School is proud to support Black History Month. But our commitment to diversity, inclusion, cohesion and equality should last a lot longer than four weeks each year and we aim for it to go deep into the heart of our DICE activity.

Keep up to date with events and join the conversation on social media using #DICEforaBetterWorld.


As part of our commitment to our core ‘DICE’ values we promote Black Lives Matter as a human rights and societal issue. We are demonstrating our commitment through our Black History Month activities for the shared, peer learning and development of our student and wider communities.