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Contact librarians

For further information about library and online resources please contact the Business subject librarians Patrick Overy or Rachel Oakes.

More information about careers support can be found on the Career Zone website. Find out more about what services are accessible to graduates.

Information for graduating students

Library and online resources

Once term ends, unless you are registered at the University of Exeter for further study, you will lose student access to the library and its resources.

However if you are leaving the University there are still lots of ways to continue using a wide range of our resources:

University of Exeter alumni have full text access to thousands of online academic resources including electronic journals and books to assist with your lifelong learning after leaving Exeter. This includes access to EBSCO. More information on available academic resources.

In order to access these journals you will need to fill in an online form which can be found herePlease note that, for commercial reasons you will not be able to access all of the journals which you had access to as a student.

You can become a member of the University Library and borrow up to four items upon payment of a non-refundable registration fee of £35 (PhD alumni are exempt from this fee) For more information and to become a member please complete the Alumni borrower form.

For further information about any of the above please contact the Business subject librarians Patrick Overy or Rachel Oakes.

IT access

IT access to the University of Exeter system will be removed after graduation unless you are returning to continue further study.

For nine months following your graduation your email address will continue, as the University initially uses this address to communicate with you regarding such things as events and activities at Exeter, opportunities for reunions and student surveys. However, after nine months it will deactivate.

More information about IT access or contact IT support through SID.

Careers support

Once you have graduated from Exeter there are a range of ways in which the University can support you in entering the world of work. This support continues for three years after your graduation.

  • You will still have access to My Career Zone which features graduate job advertisements from many different sectors.
  • You will also have continued access to a wide range of resources to help you with your careers choice including podcasts, previous alumni profiles and a range of events.
  • There are also a number of internships on offer.


The university holds various public lectures which occur across the academic year all of which are open to alumni. More information on forthcoming events on campus.

For events specific to business please visit our Alumni events page on the Business school website.