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 Michelle Trottier

Michelle Trottier

Associate Lecturer, Degree Apprenticeship Mentor

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Michelle Trottier joined the University of Exeter Business School in 2020 as an Associate Lecturer, Academic Mentor. This involves supporting the Senior Leaders Degree Apprenticeship programme within the School of Management.

She has worked for seven years in Human Resource Management, with a focus on workforce planning, recruitment and employee relations. She has also founded and operated a web-based recruitment company in Canada and has a strong interest in entrepreneurialism and the start-up ecosystem.

Her interests in careers management and personal development led her into Higher Education, with a focus on building employability and coaching pedagogies into teaching practices. She has worked for three years teaching employability at the undergraduate and post graduate taught level, and most recently was working in the Academic Development office at the University of Exeter, supporting academics and staff members in their teaching practice.

She is currently in the pursuit of a PhD in Management which focusses on communities of practice and social mobility in work transitions.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resource Management
  • Master of Education
  • PhD Candidate in Management (University of Glasgow)

Research interests

  • Employment transitions and careers development
  • Social mobility and inclusivity
  • Communities of practice