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 Karen Insignares G

Karen Insignares G

Lecturer in Circular Economy

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Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK

Karen has a multi-disciplinary background in circular economy, digital learning, UX/LXD, sociocultural studies, arts and humanities. She joined the University as a Lecturer within SITE to support the work of The Exeter Centre for Circular Economy (ECCE) in the creation of online learning offerings.

Before joining the University, Karen worked for 3 years at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, one of the leading non-profit organizations working to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. As part of the Learning and Digital teams, she coordinated a variety of projects and assignments such as the delivery of an online festival of ideas (DIF - Disruptive Innovation Festival), and a scholarship programme for higher education students and academic mentors from outstanding universities around the world, among other projects. In her last role as Digital Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, she was responsible for the planning and delivery of the Circular economy Learning Hub, the organisation’s most important free online learning space for people to learn about the circular economy.

Karen also has previous experience working in editing, publishing and researching in academic institutions in South America and Asia. Her professional and research interests are related to digital learning ecosystems, intercultural dynamics, socio-cultural practices and understanding how interdisciplinarity approaches create bridges and connections that enable systemic views, creative thinking, and innovation.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Digital Management
  • Online Learning Production


Research interests

  • Creative thinking and innovation
  • Circular economy start-ups
  • Value creation and entrepreneurship
  • Digital learning ecosystems  
  • Intercultural dynamics
  • Regenerative natural systems