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 Justin Featherstone MC

Justin Featherstone MC

Module Lead for Foundations of Strategy & Leadership DA SLMDA MBA

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Justin Featherstone is a Leadership Fellow for the University of Exeter Business School and joined the school as a part-time lecturer to work on the Senior Leader Degree Apprentice MBA in 2020. He has been an occasional lecturer at the University of Llubljana, Slovenia for over a decade. 

His also works as a leadership consultant with a variety of Public Sector and commercial organisations both in the UK and overseas.   

His other role is as a commercial expedition leader. 

A former Major in The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, he deployed on various operations over his eighteen years’ service, including commanding a Company in Southern Iraq in 2004. He left the Army in 2007 and his final posting was as the principal leadership Staff Officer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.   

A keen mountaineer and whitewater kayaker, he has led and participated in over thirty overseas expeditions to the mountains, rivers and rainforests of the world. He was awarded the Military Cross for his actions in Iraq and is both a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Alpine Club. As a Leadership Fellow of University of Exeter, he has a role supporting the Exeter Centre for Leadership, as well as the wider Business School. He has an interest in researching leadership in traditional communities around the world. 

Justin is a qualified Winter Mountain Leader, whitewater kayaking coach and climbing instructor and when not working, is often found relaxing in the wild spaces on his Devon doorstep.  

Nationality: British


  • MA Leadership studies (UoE, 2012) 


Research interests

  • Ethnographical research into the leadership of traditional communities and cultures.

Justin has spent time among the Cabecar of Pacuare, Costa Rica, the otter fishermen of Malo Para, Bangladesh and the Konyaks of Nagaland, India, researching their approaches to leadership and community and particularly the place of kindness in their practice. 

Awards and Honours

  • Military Cross

Justin has a passion for experiential learning and uses the outdoors in his practice wherever possible. He also uses horse-led learning to develop a practical understanding and felt sense of emotional intelligence, relationship building and leadership. 

His interests include shared leadership; vulnerability and kindness as strengths and sources of resilience; ethical leadership and moral courage and decision making.