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Professor Gareth D Myles

Professor Gareth D Myles

Professor of Economics


+44 (0) 1392 724487

Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK

Gareth Myles is Professor of Economics at the University of Exeter and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. He is Managing Editor of Fiscal Studies and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Public Economic Theory. He obtained his BA from Warwick (1983), his MSc from the London School of Economics (1984) and his DPhil (1987) from Oxford under the supervision of Professor Sir James Mirrlees. His first academic position was at the University of Warwick. He moved to the University of Exeter in 1992.

His major research interest is in public economics and his publications include Public Economics (1995), Intermediate Public Economics (2006) and numerous papers in International Tax and Public Finance, the Journal of Public Economic Theory, and the Journal of Public Economics.

He is an Academic Adviser to HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs. He has also provided economic advice to international bodies including the European Commission and the OECD. He played a substantial role in the Mirrlees Review.

Nationality: British

Administrative responsibilities


BA (Warw) MSc (Lond), Dphil (Oxon)

Research interests

Professor's Myles major research interest is Public Economics. Public Economics studies how government policies affect the economy. It began with the political economy of Mill and Ricardo, and developed through the public finance tradition of tax analysis into Public Economics and the new political economy. Right from the birth of Economics as a scientific discipline, Public Economics has always been one of its core branches. The explanation at its centrality is the foundation that it provides for practical policy analysis. Public Economics considers how the choices of governments are made and how these choices can improve or hinder economic efficiency. Public Economics also investigates the extent to which it is possible, or desirable, for the government to change the distribution of income and wealth. To undertake this analysis, Public Economics draws upon influences from many areas of Economics.

Research projects

Professor Myles is currently engaged in research looking at the economics of tax evasion, especially the implications of behavioural economics, and endogenous growth theory with infrastructural externalities. He also has work in progress on the paradox of voting and participation in costly elections.

Professor Myles is also currently supervising three PhD students:

  • Cosimo Scagliusi (the political economy of mass media)
  • Arzu Yavuz (the growth consequences of public employment)
  • Antonio Bova (contract design and higher education finance).

Previous students have conducted projects in a wide range of areas, including the development of the Islamic market, the redistributive consequences of zakat, the design of international tax structures, environmental policy and car use, and provision of public goods with quality differentials. Past students now hold academic positions in the UK, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand.

External positions

  • Managing Editor, Fiscal Studies
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Public Economic Theory
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Business and Economics
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Fiscal Studies

Professor Myles's major teaching commitments are in the areas of Public Economics and Finance.



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