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Professor Edward Kasabov

Professor Edward Kasabov

Associate Professor


+44 (0) 1392 726468

Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK

My practitioner background is in Service and Relationship Marketing, Data Management & Analysis, and Mass Communications. During the past decade, I have been consulting or carrying out research in distinct areas which also inform my teaching.

AREA 1: In strategy, my earlier work included research on clusters, regions and regional development.  My work on modeling and mapping high-technology clusters, identifying factors behind cluster success has now been replaced with research around issues of the lack of growth and competitiveness exhibited by regions, clusters and other territorial entities.  Of particular interest to me currently are notions of periphery, regional and cluster birth and transformation, laggards, catching-up, and difficulties faced by early stage locations.  Processual and historical theories inform some of the more recent publications belonging to this stream of research and practice.  My work with small businesses and start-ups in biotechnology informs a separate line of analysis focused on entrepreneurship, more specifically rural entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial failure, as well as cooperation, co-operatives and social enterprises in rural areas. 

AREA 2: In the area of Marketing, I have been researching relationships, service provision, especially with reference to power and influence dynamics, theories of disciplining and coercion within interactions between service providers and customers.  In the past few years, I have been working with Alex Warlow on a new theory of compliance businesses.  This complements a separate strand of research on marketing ethics, particularly the role of confusion in marketing. 

AREA 3: In Transition studies, I have worked on matters of privatisation and corporate restructuring; Central and Eastern European structural adjustment; the role of institutions and informal institutions, path dependence and path plasticity.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Mentor, Marketing subject group


BA, MA/MSc, DiplEcon, PgCertEduc, PhD


Research interests

  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial failure; entrepreneurship in emerging economies; entrepreneurship and periphery;
  • Rural entrepreneurship; images of rurality; rural cooperation; co-operatives and social enterprises in rural areas;
  • Clusters, regions and regional development; high-tech clusters in the life sciences; place and role of SMEs and entrepreneurial start-ups in clusters; peripheral and early stage clusters; processual and historical analyses of clusters, regions, and regional development;
  • Service marketing and dissatisfaction; control and power in service provision; service failure and recovery; critical marketing theory;
  • Privatisation and corporate restructuring; Central and Eastern European structural adjustment; role of institutions and informal institutions.

External positions

  • Research Fellow, ESRC/EPSRC Advanced Institute of Management Research, (AIM), London;
  • Associate - Applied Research Centre for Sustainable Regeneration (SURGE);
  • Member - EURAM; Regional Studies Association; EMAC; Academy of Marketing Science; AMTP; Strategic Management Society;
  • Fellow - UK Higher Education Academy;
  • Member - Pemabo.net, Regional Studies association in peripheral regions.

My teaching in Exeter revolves around issues of services marketing, research and analysis. I tend to integrate aspects of my research with my teaching.