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Dr Susan Wakenshaw

Dr Susan Wakenshaw

Associate Research Fellow

Level Two
Building:One, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4ST, UK

Susan Wakenshaw is an Associate Research Fellow at the University of Exeter Business School. 

She has a PhD in Marketing (Lancaster University).  She studied Pharmaceutical Science at Western China University of Medical Sciences (Chengdu, China), followed by a MSc in International Agriculture and Food Marketing at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and MRes in Management Science at the University of Lancaster. 

She worked as Research Assistant in the School of Public Heath at the University of Cumbria.  She also worked as a Marketing Consultant for an Independent GP Surgery (Court Thorn) in Carlisle.  Her research interests are around consumers’ shopping and consumption experiences, identity projects, cross-cultural consumer culture, Service-Dominant Logic and value co-creation.  She has presented and published papers in International Journals and conferences.

Nationality: Chinese-British


  • BSc in Pharmaceutical Science
  • MSc in Marketing
  • MRes in Management Science
  • PhD in Marketing


Research interests

  • Consumers’ shopping and consumption experiences
  • Consumer relationship theories
  • Cross-cultural consumer culture
  • User internet experiences
  • Service-dominant Logic
  • Viable system approach

Susan’s research interests lie in the field of consumer behaviour and more specifically consumers’ shopping and consumption experiences.  Her PhD research was primarily located in consumer research and relationship marketing, with particular interests in understanding consumer and retailer’s value co-creation processes and relationship theory development in retailing contexts. 

Dr Wakenshaw’s current research interested is mainly focused on how to integrate the CCT (Consumer Culture Theory) and the SD (Service Dominant) Logic theories, which aims to extend the values and meanings from the service and marketing system to incorporate consumers’ personal system and the wide social-societal system; to understand the interactions between the agents and the roles of multiple stakeholders in the resource integration, transformation, and value co-creation processes.

Current research activity

Susan is currently working closely with Professor Irene Ng and Dr Eminegul Karababa by engaging in a multidisciplinary EPSRC project (“Co-production of physical products and value co-creation–Scalability in the Wild”).  The project aims to develop a scalable e-business model and design a viable user based co-creation and co-production web-system.  The system will integrate the engineering innovation (User-based design for ChocALM process tool) and a user-based web-service system, which will enable consumers and manufacturer to co-design and co-produce chocolate products, co-create values and enhance consumers’ online experiences. 

Susan’s current projects also evolve from her doctoral work, and focus on consumer-store relationships and on the roles of the agents in the processes of value creation and resource integration, and transformation from system approach.