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 Emily Fenclova

Emily Fenclova

Graduate Research Assistant and Communications Officer for the Centre for Sport, Leisure and Tourism Research


+44 (0) 1392 722134

Emily Fenclova is a Graduate Research Assistant at the Business School. She obtained an MSc with Distinction in Tourism Development and Strategy from the University of Exeter. She then worked as an Associate Research Fellow on an ESRC-funded project looking at corporate social responsibility and low fares airlines. The project was in partnership with Flybe (an Exeter-based low fares airline), and Emily worked closely with the PR team there to develop a CSR strategy for them. Her research has been presented at several international academic conferences, as well as to the European Low Fares Airlines Association (ELFAA).

Emily is currently working on her PhD on aviation and corporate social responsibility. As part of her responsibilities, Emily is the Communications Officer for the Centre for Sport, Leisure and Tourism Research.

Nationality: American


BA and MSc in Tourism Development and Policy (Exeter)


Research interests

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Low-cost airlines
  • The aviation industry
  • Destination image
  • Tourist image-making
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate charitable giving


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has gone from being lambasted in the 1970s, to a key public relations and governmental policy concern. Airlines and the aviation industry as a whole are starting to see CSR-activities as key to their public relations and public affairs, but CSR communications and strategies are still in early stages of development. Emily is especially interested in how airlines communicate to stakeholders what they are doing that they consider to be responsible. Much of her research to date has shown that airlines - even low-cost carriers - are doing a lot of CSR-related activities; however, they do not always communicate effectively what they are doing. Emily hopes to present a fuller picture of how responsible (or irresponsible) the aviation industry is through her research, which uses both secondary texts and interviews.

Research projects

Along with Professor Tim Coles and Dr Claire Dinan, Emily has written three research reports, aimed at industry professionals:

  • 'Corporate Social Responsibility: Issues for Future Development in the Low-Fares Airlines Sector'
  • 'Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Aviation in the UK: Connecting Policy Perspectives'
  • 'Corporate Social Responsibility among Low-Fares Airlines: Current Practices and Future Trends'

These are all available from the Centre for Sport, Leisure and Tourism Research

Emily provides tutorial support for undergraduates on effective academic poster design, as well as giving four lectures for International Tourism Management (BEM2017), which explore issues such as regulation and deregulation at national and international level, stakeholder concerns, and business ethics through the context of the aviation industry.

Taught modules