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Dr Alan Benson

Dr Alan Benson

Senior Lecturer in Management


+44 (0) 1392 726107

Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK

Dr Benson joined the Business School in February 2010, from an EQUIS-accredited ‘red brick’ university, in Yorkshire. Amongst his academic responsibilities, in ‘HUBS’, he was module leader, for about a decade, (at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Prior to his academic career, of twenty years, he was a Senior Management Consultant and previously a Senior Management Accountant, mostly employed by ‘blue chip’ employers. During these periods of gaining practitioner and consultancy experience, he gained fellowship status with the ACCA and a Cranfield University MBA. In 2005, he was awarded a doctorate, based on his thesis regarding regional business failure. His journal articles include a paper published in the Environment & Policy-C Journal (E&P-C): 2010) and one published in 2011 in the International Journal of Behavioural Accounting & Finance (IJBAF). A third publication has recently received editorial confirmation of future publication in 2012. The paper will be published in the International Small Business Journal (ISBJ). A fourth paper is now in work-in-progress and relates to the impact of ‘Entrepreneurial Hubris’ on strategic decision-making. Alan was awarded an ESF research grant, in 2002, to conduct research into regional business failure (in an Objective 2 region).

His PhD supervision, to date, has been that of a second supervisor (2).

Nationality: British

Administrative responsibilities

  • Personal supervision
  • Dissertation Supervision
  • Academic Misconduct Office (Chair of the Business School Committee).



Research interests

  • Entrepreneurial networks
  • Entrepreneurial failure
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial hubris and its business impacts.

Dr Benson’s first paper (published in the E&P-C) concerned the ‘Use and Usefulness of Financial Assistance to UK SMEs’. His second paper (published by the IJBF) explores ‘Experiential learning from Entrepreneurial Failure.’ The third paper ‘The Use and Impacts of Bank Support on SMEs’ will be published by the International Small Business Journal (ISBJ) in 2012. A major focus of the paper is to gain an understanding of the importance of ‘private information’ to bankers when making loan decisions to entrepreneurs.

Current research activity

Dr Benson is currently working on an empirical paper that is concerned the impact on business strategy generated by CEO hubris, including resultant ‘herd instinct’ by investors.

Research projects

Dr Benson is currently working on two more papers. The first concerns the importance of ‘private information’ to bankers when making loan decisions to entrepreneurs, and the second concerns the impact on IPOs generated by CEO hubris and causing ‘herd instinct’ by investors.

Awards and Honours

  • DBA, 2005
  • MBA, 1986
  • FCCA. 1982

Conferences and invited presentations

  • Friederich Schuller University (Jena), as a visiting Professor for two years in this decade.

External positions

  • External Examiner  @ HKU (SPEED)
  • University of Wales, Independent Advisor for Validation Panel (New Approvals and Quinquennial reviews) 2005- 2012.

Dr Benson’s teaching interests coincide well with his research areas, and he is very keen to apply innovative teaching and assessment methods  and he will attend the July 2012 EEC Colloquium, at the University of Cambridge to further his understanding of deeper uses of case studies etc.