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Dr Aamina Khurram

Dr Aamina Khurram

 Lecturer in Finance and Accounting

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Streatham Court, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4PU, UK

 Aamina Khurram is a lecturer in Finance and Accounting at the University of Exeter Business School. She obtained her PhD in Finance from University of Kent before joining the University of Exeter in January 2022. She has also served at Kent Business School as a GTA for three years alongside her PhD studies.  Before joining UoK, Aamina has served as Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Finance at Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan for a total period of eight years. She also holds a practical experience in Finance as she worked as an Internal Finance Associate in a Telecom company (Mobilink) prior to joining the academia sector. She has an exemplary academic tenure marked with awards such as Summa cum laude, Magna cum laude and Gold and Silver medals. She was awarded with Vice Chancellor Research scholarship at Kent Business School. 
Her research covers topics related to financial institutions systemic risk, financial contagion, and financial stability of economy. She currently has different papers undergoing the publication process. 


She also has three peer-reviewed publications in some journals (prior to her PhD) and few international conference presentations such as BAFA, EURAM and VSBF. 


 PhD, MS-Finance, MBA 

Research interests

  • Financial contagion/systemic risk 
  • Financial stability/ crises 
  • Alternative financial systems 

Research projects

  The research encompassing the financial contagion and systemic stability of the financial sector is the core of my contributions to the body of knowledge. The incidents of recurring financial crises in the previous decades and need to explore alternative financial models and their levels of systemic risks have motivated my research questions. The failure of conventional finance has further highlighted the need to explore some diverse/ minority financial models, their contagion levels, competition effects and multi-layer governance impacts, in order to devise/ enhance and regulate a more stable financial economy for the times to come. My research contributions in this manner are explicit that I want to explore the systemic abilities, competition and governance impacts of alternative minority financial models (such as Islamic finance) and their comparison with the conventional sector to explore a system that is more sound and less likely to suffer future calamities. 

 Currently aiming for ABS 3* and 4 level publication of the research papers. The three research papers include the topic of systemic risk of alternative financial systems, impact of competition among the alternative financial systems on their systemic risk and how the multi-layer governance in minority finanical models impat their systemic financial stability. 

My teaching interests include corporate finance, entrepreneurial finance, multi-national financial management, Business Finance, Finance with Excel, Fundamentals of Finance etc.  One of the courses that I led during my tenure at Bahria University was 'Financial Risk Management' which vastly covers areas regarding international finance, derivatives etc. I have taught both face to face as well as virtually using Teams. My PhD research revolves around emerging markets and institutions and their contribution towards financial world stability, which gives sufficient evidence of my knowledge in the areas such as financial markets and international banking and finance. I am looking at the comparable majority and minority global banking business models with respect to their contributions towards financial fragility.