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 Allan Ward

Allan Ward

Lecturer in Economics

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Allan Ward joined the Business School in 1997 following working at Plymouth University from 1975.

He has extensive experience in international and national business education with students in work places, including multinational corporations such as Ford, Rolls Royce, Siemens, BMW, Mercedes, Bosch.

Allan is a visiting Lecturer at several German Universities including Berlin, Dortmund, Reutlingen, Giessen and Wuerzburg.



Research interests

  • National and International conference papers on political economy and ideology. Currently working on Post Autistic Economics, Critical Realism and ontology in economic theorising.

The current economic conjuncture following the crash of 2008 has put the critical cats among the economic pigeons. Mainstream Economics as a subject appears to be a science in its infancy. But is it the right sort of science? What is the appropriate policy response? How is the debate framed? The benefits of new economic thinking that advances the prospects of economic security are obvious.

Current Research Activity

Scholarship, working on post autistic economics, critical realism and current attempts by leading economists to make sense of the Zeitgeist.


International Political Economy lectures using media, student presentations on selected seminar topics.

Ideological reading of Smith Marx and Keynes and current developments in ideological debates to address topical issues of globalisation, neoliberal hegemony, the exercise of political power for economic interests and examination of current economic policy.