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Staff in Organisation Studies

Professor David Bruce AllenPro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, Professor of Strategy and Business Ethics+44 (0) 1392 722258Building:One
Professor Russell BelkHonorary Visiting Professor of MarketingStreatham Court
Professor David BougheyAssociate Dean (Education), Associate Professor in International Business History+44 (0) 1392 722108Streatham Court
Professor Steffen BöhmProfessor in Organisation and Sustainability+44 (0) 1326 259090SERSF
Professor Nicolas ForsansAssociate Professor in International Strategic Management+44 (0) 1392 726112Building:One
Professor Alexandra GerbasiProfessor of Leadership+44 (0) 1392 6298Streatham Court
Professor Jonathan GoslingEmeritus Professor of Leadership Studies+44 (0) 1392 722568Streatham Court
Professor Lisa HarrisAssociate Professor, Director of Digital Learning+44 (0) 1392 726473Streatham Court
Professor Will HarveyAssociate Dean (Research & Impact), Professor of Management+44 (0) 1392 725970Streatham Court
Professor Peter HopkinsonProfessor in Circular Economy+44 (0) 1326 2594394SERSF
Professor Ilke InceogluProfessor in Organisational Behaviour & HR Management+44 (0) 1392 726693Streatham Court
Professor Simon JamesAssociate Professor in Economics+44 (0) 1392 723204Streatham Court
Professor Michael RowlinsonProfessor of Management and Organisational History+44 (0) 1392 725664Streatham Court
Professor Ruth SealyAssociate Professor of Organisation Studies, Co-Director Exeter Centre for Leadership+44 (0)1392 726293Streatham Court
Professor Philip SternProfessor of Marketing, Director of Research (Organisation Studies)+44 (0) 1392 725971Streatham Court
Professor Carol WoodhamsAssociate Professor in Human Resource Management+44 (0) 1392 722137Streatham Court
Dr Inmaculada Adarves-YornoSenior Lecturer in Leadership Studies+44 (0) 1392 722588Streatham Court
Jacqueline BagnallSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Deputy Director One Planet MBA+44 (0) 1392 726289Streatham Court
Mihaela BishopLecturer in Marketing+44 (0) 1392 726283Streatham Court
Dr Sarah GilmoreSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Director of Impact+44 (0) 1392 726459Streatham Court
Dr Marcus GomesLecturer in Organisation Studies and Sustainability+44 (0) 1392 722586Streatham Court
Dr Beverley HawkinsSenior Lecturer in Leadership / Organisation Studies, Director of Education (Organisation Studies)+44 (0) 1392 722581Streatham Court
Stephen HickmanSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, and Programme Director Business School, Cornwall+44 (0) 1392 722126SERSF
Dr Emma JeanesSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies, Head of Organisation Studies and Management Studies+44 (0) 1392 724518Streatham Court
Dr Katerina KaranikaSenior Lecturer in Marketing+44 (0) 1392 726260Streatham Court
Dr Sotiris LalaounisSenior Lecturer in Marketing and Design Management+44 (0) 1392 722655Streatham Court
Dr Aliette LambertLecturer in Marketing+44 (0) 1392 722549Streatham Court
Dr Allan LeeSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies and Management+44 (0) 1392 726109Streatham Court
Michele MillerSenior Lecturer in the Circular Economy+44 (0) 1326 2594365SERSF
Dr Anne O'BrienSenior Lecturer in Leadership Studies+44 (0) 1392 722580Streatham Court
Dr Andrew ParkerSenior Lecturer in Organisation Studies+44 (0) 1392 723485Streatham Court
Dr Christine Parkin-HughesLecturer in International Business+44 (0) 1392 725662Streatham Court
Dr Graham PerkinsLecturer in Human Resource Management+44 (0) 1392 726462Streatham Court
Dr Lindsay StringfellowSenior Lecturer in Marketing & Organisation Studies+44 (0) 1392 722477Streatham Court
Stephen TaylorSenior Lecturer in Human Resource Management+44 (0) 1392 723250Streatham Court
Dr Alexander ThompsonSenior Lecturer in Marketing, Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Organisation Studies)+44 (0) 1392 724526Streatham Court
Dr Marwa TourkyLecturer in Marketing+44 (0) 1392 725972Streatham Court
Hugh WatersResearch Fellow+44(0) 1392 724501Streatham Court
Research Fellows
Dr Roberta De AngelisPostdoctoral Research Fellow in the Circular EconomyTremough Innovation Centre
Louise TilburyPractitioner Research Fellow+44 (0) 1392 5930
Julie WhittakerHonorary Associate Research FellowStreatham Court
Dr Brian YoungHonorary Research Fellow+ 44 (0) 1392 723789
Deputy Dean
Professor Jo SilvesterDeputy Dean+44 (0) 1392 723492Streatham Court