Sustainable Futures

Our new Sustainable Futures department demonstrates our commitment to positive change and our emergence as a vital home for research and teaching in sustainability and the circular economy. The department includes the Centre for Circular Economy (CCE) and the University is designated a Global Pioneer University by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Staff hold research awards across the key UK and European funding agencies and the department’s research areas include developing quantitative and qualitative models that connect engineering reuse/remanufacture/recycling, food and agricultural systems and supply chains.

Many of our key staff are located in the Penryn campus and deliver our innovative BSc in Business, incorporating sustainability practice across science and humanities disciplines into management education. The department includes academic staff who research and teach in sustainable tourism, a key contributor to the Devon and Cornwall economies.

Contact us

Academic Support Administrator for Sustainable Futures

Irene Christophers
+44 (0) 1326 370469