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Recent publications from the Department of Management

Our academic staff have written, edited and collaborated on a wide range of publications, some of our books are shown here.

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Truxillo DM, Bauer TN, Erdogan B (2021). Psychology and Work. DOI.
Bauer T, Erdogan B, Caughlin DE, Truxillo DM (2020). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management People, Data, and Analytics., Sage Publications, Incorporated  Abstract.

Journal articles

Agneessens F, Labianca GJ (2022). Collecting survey-based social network information in work organizations. Social Networks, 68, 31-47. Full text. DOI.
Price S, Wilkinson T, Coles T (2022). Crisis? How small tourism businesses talk about COVID-19 and business change in the UK. Current Issues in Tourism, 25(7), 1088-1105. Full text. DOI.
Coles T, Garcia G, O'Malley E, Turner C (2022). Experiencing Event Management During the Coronavirus Pandemic: a Public Sector Perspective. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 3  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Nevola F, Coles T, Mosconi C (2022). Hidden Florence revealed? Critical insights from the operation of an augmented reality app in a World Heritage City. Journal of Heritage Tourism, 1-20. Full text. DOI.
Hood L, Bailey AR, Coles T, Pringle E (2022). Liminal spaces and the shaping of family museum visits: a spatial ethnography of a major international art museum. Museum Management and Curatorship, 1-24. Full text. DOI.
Korman JV, Van Quaquebeke N, Tröster C (2022). Managers are Less Burned-Out at the Top: the Roles of Sense of Power and Self-Efficacy at Different Hierarchy Levels. Journal of Business and Psychology, 37(1), 151-171.  Abstract. DOI.
Rees T, Green J, Peters K, Stevens M, Haslam SA, James W, Timson S (2022). Multiple group memberships promote health and performance following pathway transitions in junior elite cricket. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 60, 102159-102159. DOI.
Michelon G, Trojanowski G, Sealy R (2022). Narrative Reporting: State of the Art and Future Challenges. Accounting in Europe, 19(1), 7-47.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Ruesch L, Tarakci M, Besiou M, Van Quaquebeke N (2022). Orchestrating coordination among humanitarian organizations. Production and Operations Management DOI.
Luksyte A, Bauer TN, Debus ME, Erdogan B, Wu C-H (2022). Perceived Overqualification and Collectivism Orientation: Implications for Work and Nonwork Outcomes. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 48(2), 319-349. Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Wu C, Weisman H, Sung L, Erdogan B, Bauer TN (2022). Perceived overqualification, felt organizational obligation, and extra‐role behavior during the COVID‐19 crisis: the moderating role of self‐sacrificial leadership. Applied Psychology Full text. DOI.
Bago B, Kovacs M, Protzko J, Nagy T, Kekecs Z, Palfi B, Adamkovic M, Adamus S, Albalooshi S, Albayrak-Aydemir N, et al (2022). Situational factors shape moral judgements in the trolley dilemma in Eastern, Southern and Western countries in a culturally diverse sample. Nat Hum Behav  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Leroy HL, Anisman-Razin M, Avolio BJ, Bresman H, Stuart Bunderson J, Burris ER, Claeys J, Detert JR, Dragoni L, Giessner SR, et al (2022). Walking Our Evidence-Based Talk: the Case of Leadership Development in Business Schools. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 29(1), 5-32.  Abstract. DOI.
Reh S, Van Quaquebeke N, Tröster C, Giessner SR (2022). When and why does status threat at work bring out the best and the worst in us? a temporal social comparison theory. Organizational Psychology Review, 204138662211002-204138662211002.  Abstract. DOI.
Gläser D, van Gils S, Van Quaquebeke N (2022). With or against others? Pay-for-Performance activates aggressive aspects of competitiveness. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology  Abstract. DOI.
Lee A, Van Quaquebeke N, Leroy H (2021). 3 Strategies to Reduce Bias in Leadership Assessments. Harvard Business Review
Greenberg D, Clair JA, Ladge J (2021). A Feminist Perspective on Conducting Personally Relevant Research: Working Mothers Studying Pregnancy and Motherhood at Work. Academy of Management Perspectives, 35(3), 400-417. DOI.
Gatrell C, Ladge JJ, Powell GN (2021). A Review of Fatherhood and Employment: Introducing New Perspectives for Management Research. Journal of Management Studies  Abstract. DOI.
Greenwald AG, Brendl M, Cai H, Cvencek D, Dovidio JF, Friese M, Hahn A, Hehman E, Hofmann W, Hughes S, et al (2021). Best research practices for using the Implicit Association Test. Behav Res Methods  Abstract.  Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Pham LDQ, Coles T, Ritchie BW, Wang J (2021). Building business resilience to external shocks: Conceptualising the role of social networks to small tourism & hospitality businesses. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 48, 210-219.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Hennekam S, Ladge JJ, Powell GN (2021). Confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic: How multi-domain work-life shock events may result in positive identity change. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 130  Abstract. DOI.
Jetten J, Peters K, Álvarez B, Casara BGS, Dare M, Kirkland K, Sánchez-Rodríguez Á, Selvanathan HP, Sprong S, Tanjitpiyanond P, et al (2021). Consequences of Economic Inequality for the Social and Political Vitality of Society: a Social Identity Analysis. Political Psychology, 42(S1), 241-266.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Maskor M, Steffens NK, Peters K, Haslam SA (2021). Discovering the secrets of leadership success: Comparing commercial and academic preoccupations. Australian Journal of Management, 47(1), 79-104.  Abstract. DOI.
McCarthy JM, Truxillo DM, Bauer TN, Erdogan B, Shao Y, Wang M, Liff J, Gardner C (2021). Distressed and Distracted by COVID-19 During High-Stakes Virtual Interviews: the Role of Job Interview Anxiety on Performance and Reactions. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY, 106(8), 1103-1117. Author URL. DOI.
Yang SW, Soltis SM, Ross JR, Labianca GJ (2021). Dormant tie reactivation as an affiliative coping response to stressors during the COVID-19 crisis. J Appl Psychol, 106(4), 489-500.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Veestraeten M, Johnson SK, Leroy H, Sy T, Sels L (2021). Exploring the Bounds of Pygmalion Effects: Congruence of Implicit Followership Theories Drives and Binds Leader Performance Expectations and Follower Work Engagement. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 28(2), 137-153.  Abstract. DOI.
Leroy H, Buengeler C, Veestraeten M, Shemla M, J. Hoever I (2021). Fostering Team Creativity Through Team-Focused Inclusion: the Role of Leader Harvesting the Benefits of Diversity and Cultivating Value-In-Diversity Beliefs. GROUP & ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT Author URL. DOI.
Wood SJ, Michaelides G, Inceoglu I, Hurren ET, Daniels K, Niven K (2021). Homeworking, Well-Being and the COVID-19 Pandemic: a Diary Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(14), 7575-7575.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Leroy H, Hoever IJ, Vangronsvelt K, Van den Broeck A (2021). How team averages in authentic living and perspective-taking personalities relate to team information elaboration and team performance. J Appl Psychol, 106(3), 364-376.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Meeussen L, Begeny C, Peters K, Ryan M (2021). In traditionally male-dominated fields, women are less willing to make sacrifices for their career because discrimination and lower fit with people up the ladder make sacrifices less worthwhile. Journal of Applied Social Psychology Full text. DOI.
Faulkner M, Romaniuk J, Stern P (2021). New versus Frequent Donors: Exploring the Behaviour of the Most Desirable Donors. Australasian Marketing Journal, 24(3), 198-204.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Kark R, Meister A, Peters K (2021). Now you See Me, Now you Don't: a Conceptual Model of the Antecedents and Consequences of Leader Impostorism. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT Author URL. DOI.
Methot JR, Rosado-Solomon EH, Downes PE, Gabriel AS (2021). Office Chitchat as a Social Ritual: the Uplifting Yet Distracting Effects of Daily Small Talk at Work. Academy of Management Journal, 64(5), 1445-1471. Full text. DOI.
Terbeck H, Rieger V, Van Quaquebeke N, Engelen A (2021). Once a Founder, Always a Founder? the Role of External Former Founders in Corporate Boards. Journal of Management Studies DOI.
Rüsch L, Tarakci M, Besiou M, Van Quaquebeke N (2021). Orchestrating Coordination among Humanitarian Organizations. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2021(1) DOI.
Erdogan B, Bauer TN (2021). Overqualification at Work: a Review and Synthesis of the Literature. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 8(1), 259-283.  Abstract. DOI.
Marineau JE, Labianca G (2021). Positive and negative tie perceptual accuracy: Pollyanna principle vs. negative asymmetry explanations. Social Networks, 64, 83-98.  Abstract. DOI.
Vogt C, Van Gils S, Van Quaquebeke N, L. Grover S, Eckloff T (2021). Proactivity at Work: the Roles of Respectful Leadership and Leader Group Prototypicality. Journal of Personnel Psychology, 20(3), 114-123.  Abstract. DOI.
Edwards G, Hawkins B, Sutherland N (2021). Problematizing leadership learning facilitation through a trickster archetype: an investigation into power and identity in liminal spaces. Leadership, 17(5), 542-559.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Pinos Navarrete A, Shaw G (2021). Spa tourism opportunities as strategic sector in aiding recovery from Covid-19: the Spanish model. Tourism and Hospitality Research, 21(2), 245-250.  Abstract. DOI.
Gartzia L, Morgenroth T, Ryan MK, Peters K (2021). Testing the motivational effects of attainable role models: Field and experimental evidence. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology, 5(4), 591-602.  Abstract. DOI.
Coles T (2021). The sharing economy in tourism and property markets: a comment on the darker side of conceptual stretching. CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Jones BC, DeBruine LM, Flake JK, Liuzza MT, Antfolk J, Arinze NC, Ndukaihe ILG, Bloxsom NG, Lewis SC, Foroni F, et al (2021). To which world regions does the valence-dominance model of social perception apply?. Nat Hum Behav, 5(1), 159-169.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Coles T (2021). Tourism, Brexit and the climate crisis: on intersecting crises and their effects. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 29(9), 1529-1546. Full text. DOI.
Methot JR, Cole MS (2021). Unpacking the Microdynamics of Multiplex Peer Developmental Relationships: a Mutuality Perspective. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT Author URL. DOI.
Rüsch L, Van Quaquebeke N, Besiou M (2021). Viral tweets to fight the virus: How authenticity and confidence impact information diffusion. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2021(1) DOI.
Jahantab F, Vidyarthi PR, Anand S, Erdogan B (2021). When Are the Bigger Fish in the Small Pond Better Citizens? a Multilevel Examination of Relative Overqualification in Workgroups. GROUP & ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Tröster C, Van Quaquebeke N (2021). When Victims Help Their Abusive Supervisors: the Role of LMX, Self-Blame, and Guilt. Academy of Management Journal, 64(6), 1793-1815. Full text. DOI.
Karelaia N, Guillén L, Leroy H (2021). When being oneself is socially rewarded: Social identification qualifies the effect of authentic behavior at work. Human Relations  Abstract. DOI.
Schlamp S, Gerpott FH, Hentschel T, Van Quaquebeke N (2021). Young Female Managers Are Less Endorsed as Leaders When Claiming Leadership in Interactions. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2021(1) DOI.
Eddleston K, Ladge J, Sugiyama K (2020). 'Imposter Syndrome' Holds Back Entrepreneurial Women. DOI.
Salem M, Van Quaquebeke N, Besiou M (2020). Adaptability in Humanitarian Operations: Role of Prosocial Motivation and Authoritarian Leadership. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2020(1) DOI.
Fransen K, Haslam SA, Steffens NK, Peters K, Mallett CJ, Mertens N, Boen F (2020). All for us and us for all: Introducing the 5R Shared Leadership Program. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 51  Abstract. DOI.
Nübold A, Van Quaquebeke N, Hülsheger UR (2020). Be(com)ing Real: a Multi-source and an Intervention Study on Mindfulness and Authentic Leadership. Journal of Business and Psychology, 35(4), 469-488.  Abstract. DOI.
Fischer T, Hambrick DC, Sajons GB, Van Quaquebeke N (2020). Beyond the ritualized use of questionnaires: Toward a science of actual behaviors and psychological states. LEADERSHIP QUARTERLY, 31(4) Author URL. DOI.
(2020). Beyond the ritualized use of questionnaires: Toward a science of actual behaviors and psychological states. The Leadership Quarterly, 31(4), 101449-101449. DOI.
Gerpott FH, Wellman EM, Leslie LM, Jacquart P, Schlamp S, Van Dijk H, Wellman EM, Gerpott FH, Hentschel T, LePine J, et al (2020). Broadening our Sight of Gender and Leader Emergence: New Considerations for Research and Practice. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2020(1) DOI.
Niessen C, Lang J (2020). Cognitive control strategies and adaptive performance in a complex work task. Journal of Applied Psychology, NA, NA-NA. Full text. DOI.
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Erdogan B (2020). Editorial: a new beginning. Personnel Psychology, 73(1), 3-4. DOI.
Erdogan B, Karakitapoğlu‐Aygün Z, Caughlin DE, Bauer TN, Gumusluoglu L (2020). Employee overqualification and manager job insecurity: Implications for employee career outcomes. Human Resource Management, 59(6), 555-567. Full text. DOI.
Ampountolas A, Shaw G, James S (2020). Examining the relationships between market indicators and hotel pricing approaches. Tourism Economics, 27(8), 1591-1614.  Abstract. DOI.
Tan FDH, Whipp PR, Gagné M, Van Quaquebeke N (2020). Expert teacher perceptions of two-way feedback interaction. Teaching and Teacher Education, 87 DOI.
Hennekam S, Ladge J, Shymko Y (2020). From zero to hero: an exploratory study examining sudden hero status among nonphysician health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. J Appl Psychol, 105(10), 1088-1100.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Steffens NK, Haslam SA, Peters K, Quiggin J (2020). Identity economics meets identity leadership: Exploring the consequences of elevated CEO pay. Leadership Quarterly, 31(3)  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
Coles T (2020). Impacts of climate change on tourism and marine recreation. MCCIP Science Review, 2020, 593-615.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
van Dijke M, Van Quaquebeke N, Brockner J (2020). In self-defense: Reappraisal buffers the negative impact of low procedural fairness on performance. J Exp Psychol Appl, 26(4), 739-754.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
Bauer TN, Erdogan B, Caughlin D, Ellis AM, Kurkoski J (2020). Jump-Starting the Socialization Experience: the Longitudinal Role of Day 1 Newcomer Resources on Adjustment. Journal of Management, 47(8), 2226-2261.  Abstract.  Full text. DOI.
den Hartog SC, Runge JM, Reindl G, Lang JWB (2020). Linking Personality Trait Variance in Self-Managed Teams to Team Innovation. SMALL GROUP RESEARCH, 51(2), 265-295. Author URL.  Full text. DOI.
Fransen K, Haslam SA, Steffens NK, Mallett CJ, Peters K, Boen F (2020). Making 'us' better: High-quality athlete leadership relates to health and burnout in professional Australian football teams. Eur J Sport Sci, 20(7), 953-963.  Abstract.  Author URL. DOI.
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Peters K, Fonseca MA (2020). Truth, Lies and Gossip. Psychological Science Full text. DOI.
Keck N, Giessner SR, Van Quaquebeke N, Kruijff E (2020). When do Followers Perceive Their Leaders as Ethical? a Relational Models Perspective of Normatively Appropriate Conduct. Journal of Business Ethics, 164(3), 477-493.  Abstract. DOI.


Wasti SA, Ersoy NC, Erdogan B (2022). I-Deals in Context: a Summary and Critical Review of I-Deals Literature Around the Globe. In  (Ed) Idiosyncratic Deals at Work, 257-307. DOI.
Ladge JJ, Humberd BK (2022). Impossible Standards and Unlikely Trade-Offs: can Fathers be Competent Parents and Professionals?. In  (Ed) Contributions to Management Science, 183-196.  Abstract. DOI.
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Tilbury L, Sealy R (2020). The Chair, Board Processes and Gender: a case based exploration of faultlines in the boardroom. International Corporate Governance Society. Virtual. 13th - 16th Nov 2020  Abstract.
Page A, Sealy R, Parker A (2020). The Impact of Regulating Board Gender Diversity on the Trickle-Down Effect: an Attention-Based View. International Corporate Governance Society. Virtual. 13th - 15th Nov 2020  Abstract.  Full text.


Sealy R (2020). Action for Equality: the time is now. NHS Employers,  London, NHS Confederation Full text.
Michelon G, Trojanowski G, Sealy R (2020). Understanding research findings and evidence on corporate reporting: an independent literature review. Financial Reporting Council,  London, Financial Reporting Council Full text.
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