Updating Choquet Beliefs.

Paper number: 06/07

Paper date: September 20, 2005

Year: 2006

Paper Category: Working Paper


Jurgen Eichberger, Simon Grant and David Kelsey


We apply Pires’s coherence property between unconditional and conditional preferences that admit a CEU representation. In conjunction with consequentialism (only those outcomes on states which are still possible can matter for conditional preference) this implies that the conditional preference may be obtained from the unconditional preference by taking the Full Bayesian Update of the capacity.

Attitudes towards sequential versus simultaneous resolution of uncertainty for a simple bet are analyzed. We show that for a class of recursive CEU preferences which exhibit both optimism and pessimism, a 'good-news' signal is preferred to no signal which is preferred to a 'bad-news' signal.

Updating Choquet Beliefs. Updating Choquet Beliefs.